Sunday, September 10, 2017


On Wednesday 5th of July the senior classes all went up to the hall to setup their prep products. When all of us setup the people that were selling their products had to go to their table. Then the people that buying bought some stuff then came back to their tables and swapped with the people who were selling. My group was Awesome Five, the string art group. We had to hammer nails in, then go around it with string. Our group worked well but the one thing went wrong. The art was either not tied properly or it was wrecked. The other reason why it went wrong was we couldn't make enough. Then at the end of the session we finally made enough for the prep assembly. It was pretty hard for us but we managed to get through it.  

Zoo trip

                                 Zoo trip

On Thursday 27th of July Dawson school and Aorere college went to the amazing Zoo to learn more about wetas. But first we got to look around till 11:00 then go into the Rotoroa center. We were there for an hour. We got to touch some stuff like stuffed animals, animals skin, and weta traps. Then we got the weta traps and placed them where we think are going to go. Then we went back in and Aorere college came in. After they came in another person came in called don. He was showing us the giant weta. It was the 3rd largest insect in the world. It was sad because it was going to die.They been alive for 80 millions years. After he showed us the giant weta Dawson shools time was up then we had lunch and went to see all the other animals. When we finished looking at the animals, we all went onto the park and played tag. Then after that we went back to school and had the best day.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Information Report about Argentina


Hi my name is Rico and i'm writing an information report about Argentina.

People,places and items
Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina. It was first found on February 2, 1536. The official name for Argentina is Argentine Republic. The population is 43.42 million. Argentinians speak Spanish. Their climate is hot, hummid summers and cool and they have dry winters. The natural resources are zinc, copper, iron ore, petrolium and uranium .

Famous landmarks and people
Argentina's famous landmarks are Igauzu falls, Perito Moreno glacier, Flitz roy and Los Glaciers National park. Also the famous people are Sergio Aguero, Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara.

Foods they eat
Argentina's eat red chimichurri, Berejena en escabeche, boxed empanadas, sliced pizza and Argentina puchero.

Holidays and traditions
In Argentina the holidays and traditions are National Festival of Folklore, New Years Day, Good Friday, labour day, day of the flag and Independence day. They also have an anniversary of the first national Government.

The Spanish, led by Juan Dios de Solis, visited the territory which is now Argentina in 1516. In 1536 Pedro de Mendoza established a small settlement at the modern location of Buenos Aires, wich was abandoned in 1541

Fun facts
The name "Argentina" come from the latin word for silver argentum. There are over 30 national parks in Argentina. The currency of Argentina is called the peso. By the land Argentina is the 2nd largest country in South America and the eighth largest country in the world

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Maritime Museum

                           Maritime museum

On Friday 30th of June the year 6 syndicate went to the amazing Maritime Museum. When we went inside there was this little gap in the floor and it had water in it. Next we went to this area where we ate our morning tea and lunch.  After we ate morning tea we hopped into 2 groups. It was room 17 as

a group, 16 as a group and room 18 was split up. Room 16 was first to go sailing and room 17 went to a movie room. We were watching how people got from one island to another. After the 

movie we went out and went into the Maori room and made a cross sign with sticks. When we finished making it we had a quick look around the area. When we were finished it was finally our turn to go sailing. Once we got on the boat there were some rules. The number 1 rule was DON'T FALL OF THE BOAT. There was another rule that you don't go past the line. When we took of we went under the harbour bridge. We saw 2 people 

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jumping off. Then we went all the way back and ate our lunch. After lunch we got to do activities. We were looking for items like the america's cup, the lighthouse, a waka that has Rewa Auckland on it, a whales tale made out of junk and the titanic. After we found those items we had to leave because we didn't have enough time. Then we hopped on the bus and went back to school.                       


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Information report about Lions

Lions are one of the biggest cats in the cat family.

They live on sunny grass lands of Africa. They live with Buffalo's, Zebras, Giraffes and other kinds of animals. There is also a special Lion in India.

Lions have 4 sharp teeth that are named canine teeth. They also have sharp, pointy claws so when they jump onto their prey they can scratch. When something goes into their territory they roar at it to scare it away.Males have manes and females don't.

When Lions go to catch their prey they jump on them and use their sharp claws and teeth to kill it. Once they take it back and eat it, the cubs have to eat last and sometimes they don't get to eat anything.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017



Today half of room 18 went to cooking and the other half went to gardening. In cooking we made a dish called spanikopata pasta. The ingredients were silver beet, feta cheese, pastly and pasta. After we made the meal the gardeners came back from the gardens and we all had a delicious dish. It was so nice.